The dream will always tell me when my conscious position is inaccurate, and show me another way of seeing, feeling, understanding myself, my relationships, my work and my spiritual being.”

Kathleen Sullivan has worked in the field of human potential for over 38 years. Mentored by S.I. Hayakawa, and trained by Eric Berne and associates, her early professional years were devoted to the study of General Semantics, Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy.

Kathleen’s work focuses on dreams and dreamwork. In addition to her publicationsclasses, events, and workshops; Kathleen also conducts facilitated dream groups; is available as a dream coach, and to engage with individuals one-on-one to understand their dreams and the vital role they play in human development. From her own experience, Kathleen has learned that dreamwork provides the most honest and effective path to personal healing at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

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