Dream Radio Show


Dream Radio Show“Good evening.

Welcome to Dreams; Another Way of Knowing.

You’re on the air with Kathleen.”


For twelve years this was the greeting heard by thousands of listeners to public radio in the Monterey Bay area of Central California.  Each show began with a short introduction by host, Kathleen Sullivan, focusing on some aspect of dream work.  The mission of the show, teaching listeners ways to unfold their own dreams so that the brilliant messages of their dreams would emerge, led to conversations with callers.  When a caller shared a dream we were unhampered by the time constraints of commercial radio.  Thus, we were usually able to dance until the choreography of the dream was complete, until the dreamer was satisfied with the understanding of his/her dream.  And that is the unique advantage on this internet-version of Dreams, Another Way of Knowing.

As you hear the reformatted tapes from 1990 to 2002 you will receive a unique dream education previously only available to listeners of KAZU radio in the Monterey Bay of the central of California. Now you, too, can hear the kinds of questions to ask yourself in working your own dreams. You will hear the amazing “aha” moments in the dreamers’ voices as they get the body hits that signal the inner knowing of the brilliant meaning of their dream..

Dreams; Another Way of Knowing was our show to include the women who “worked the board” as engineers and often can be heard on the offerings on this site providing ideas to the callers and to me.  I am particularly grateful for the help of Christine Boyer, Mary Fobian, Lenore Dunn and Meg Vogt.

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