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About the Radio Show“Would I like to have my own show?  Yikes!”

That was my response to the KAZU program director in October of 1989.  The offer resulted from an amazingly enthusiastic listener response to an on-air interview I did with J.T. Mason, one of the founders of community/public radio in the late seventies.  Started in a garage with just a few programmers and techy-volunteers, the station was a proud local voice of California’s Monterey Bay for twenty-three years until it became the station for California State University of the Monterey Bay (CSUMB) in 2002.

After leaving public school teaching in 1988 broadcasting substituted for what seems to be my life’s purpose; that of teaching whatever I am personally thrilled about to as many people as I can reach.  I taught peace songs in Army schools from 1964 to 1973.  After spending a summer in Mexico my 6th grade classrooms became a Mexican market place to motivate damaged, angry and rebellious students too “tough” to learn by sitting in a regular classroom.   I taught yoga, meditation and tai chi to similarly hardened kids in another school. After returning from a trip to Ireland for every teaching year thereafter, no matter the socio-economic group or grade level, the entire month of March was devoted to the country of Ireland and teaching the Irish jig, songs, and the myths and magic of Leprechauns.  I am astonished that I was never ordered to stop what I so loved doing although it was always wayout of the mainstream curricula.

And finally, on the air with Dreams, Another Way of Knowing, I was able to share the greatest mystery of my life; the dream.  I was sure I had died and that KAZU was heaven.  Weekly, for 12 years, I used the precious airwaves to broadcast what I knew was the greatest gift I could give to whomever was willing to listen; THE DREAM. My own experiences of transformation, resulting from working with the thousands of dreams that flooded my consciousness and demanded attention, have convinced me of the vital importance of dream work.  And I love having this new way of teaching and offering you a dream education.

The Rebel Archetype has led, driven, directed and guided me for more than 45 years.  Thus it makes perfect sense that I would become obsessed with the dream because doing dream work is a Rebellious Act!  Dreams most often call for the changes that lead us to our Real Selves, our authentic Being, the Us we were born to be before families, schools, societies and governments taught us to heel at the feet of authority.  Dreams put us back on the path to our true center and demand that we activate our own knowing, not the knowing of family and culture.   Perhaps that is one reason that women in oppressive middle–eastern societies are “forbidden” from dreaming and may be punished severely for sharing a dream with another.

More than at any previous time in the history of the organized world, creative, out of the box thinking is needed to break up old dysfunctional systems that have ruled our thinking and behavior.  Our species must initiate previously unknown genius.  The dream is one creative act that facilitates such genius.

I hope you will learn, by listening to the callers and experts from Dreams, Another Way of Knowing, how to connect with and activate your own specially designed therapist and creative designer.  The dream provides that and so much more.  I leave you, IN JOY, to use this site for all it is worth!

— Kathleen Sullivan

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