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In this set of recordings, Kathleen engages her listeners by offering expert analysis on a wide variety of dream subjects, including the following:

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Anima and Animus
  • Segment 1 (12:39)
    • Masculine/Feminine principle;how to better understand dreams with unknown male or female characters.
    • Description of women disconnected from animus or masculine principle
    • Description of men disconnected from anima or feminine principle
  • Segment 2 (13:05)
    • Female dreamer shares dream about unknown man and watching twin baby boys grow from infancy to teens.
    • How to consciously evoke the animus focus.
    • Discussion about needing to balance caretaking
  • Segment 3 (13:45)
    • Wedding dreams related to the masculine and feminine principle
    • Recurring violent dreams of an Army man who was never in combat.
    • Creativity and the anima.
    • Dream about a bloody and broken jaw-bone.
  • Segment 4 (10:37)
    • Some destructive characteristics of Animus-possessed women. Kathleen shares her personal experience with this problem.
    • Some destructive characteristics of Anima-possessed men.
Dreamwork and Ecstacy
  • Segment 1 — Dream Work and Ecstacy (14:49)
    • Kathleen talks about ecstasy in her experiences of facilitating dream groups and reads from a book by Robert Johnson titled Understanding the Psychology of Joy. The reading examines addictions that may result from the loss of ecstasy.
    • A stunning dream is shared in which a 2 year-old boy is blown up because of a bottle of pop. Death and Superman interweave in a life changing dream experience for the 42 year-old male-dreamer.
  • Segment 2 — Birds Hidden in the Dust (07:09)
    • Dream about black and yellow birds. Discussion about the colors (black as shadow and yellow as personal power) resonates for the dreamer. The dream thread leads to the dreamer’s Father.
  • Segment 3 — The Guru and the Cops! (13:21)
    • Discussion about the value of dreams containing the archetype of the Wise Old Man or Divine Guidance.
  • Segment 4 — Gospel of Garbage (10:42)
    • Ecstasy and the sense of accomplishment that comes from dream work. Getting in touch with the authentic self so often abandoned due to demands of family and culture; quote from Lynn Cochran and the Gospel of Garbage; value of dream work and cleaning up our garbage; an important dream about a baby swallowing a button leads to comments on co-dependency in relationship.
  • Segment 5 — Mother Cuts Out My Eye (09:28)
    • This is a great dream helping to clean out the garbage of her Mother. This is an example of the awesome interweaving with the dreamer’s awake world. Male dreamer doesn’t know if the dream that led to his marriage was a warning or a suggestion. Female dreamer is being guided by her dreams to sing! Discussion on the fifth chakra and “divine” guidance to express oneself .
Animals in Dreams Dreams about animals are often the most emotional and powerful dreams people have. The discussions and dreams on this album provide a comprehensive foundation for working with your own animal dreams.
Tape 1, Side 1
  • The emotional power of animals in dreams
  • Dream: The Porcelain Bird
  • Animals as compensation
  • Discussion on instincts; personal pets as symbols
  • Dream: Pulled by the Owl into the Air; conflict between owl and blue heron
Tape 1, Side 2
  • Dream: Caterpillars and Irish Wolfhounds
  • More discussion on instincts; synergy; urges and addictions
  • Dream: Embraced by the Bear
  • Dream dictionaries
Tape 2, Side 1
  • Quote from Peter O’Connor on dream/psychic images in Dreams and the Search for Meaning
  • Dream presented about birds that leads to a discussion about the shadow and the Father.
  • Presentation of a dream about the Shark People leads to a discussion on living in the now
Tape 2, Side 2
  • Dream: Awesome encounter with a snake; kundalini-energy; sleep state as a metaphor for unconsciousness; A Course in Miracles and waking up
  • The Eagle Dream: Kathleen’s life changing dream experience
Nightmares Dreams about animals are often the most emotional and powerful dreams people have. The discussions and dreams on this album provide a comprehensive foundation for working with your own animal dreams.
Tape 1, Side 1
  • Research about nightmares
  • Dream: Somebody Kidnapped My Baby!
  • Importance of working with nightmares
  • Do recurring nightmares relieve daily stress?
Tape 1, Side 2
  • Dr. James Hillman’s ideas about nightmares
  • Yearly recurring dreams on the same date
  • Two women report dreams about men wanting to get into their house
  • Dream about both man and woman breaking in
Tape 2, Side 1
  • Dr. Ann Faraday on nightmares
  • Senoi myth and nightmares
  • Learning to confront your fear in dreams
Tape 2, Side 2
  • Nightmares calling for change
  • Dream: Former Boyfriend Slashed by Homeless Man
  • Nightmares caused by not living your authentic life
  • Dream: Mass Murderer Looking for a Sign with suggestion for active imagination to further open the dream
  • Facing the fear in the dream. Reading from the The Daughters of Copper Woman.
Dreamwork 101 Kathleen discusses in lecture format and with callers nearly every question about starting and maintaining the dream journey she had heard during 20 years as a dream professional. If you have ever wondered anything about the dream process and how to proceed in becoming a conscious dreamer you will probably find it here.
Side 1 (33:40) FREE
Side 2 (27:45) FREE
Miscellaneous Dreamwork and Dreams
Incubating Dreams Process of incubation explained. Probing questions from caller. (05:14) FREE
I’m Grateful for the dream because… Flying dreams; creativity and humor; shadow dreams; determination of the dream; stuckness. (05:18) FREE
Murdering the Cowboy Symbol of Cowboy and Old Western Town; discussion of Cowboy archetype (06:59) FREE
Marriage for the Sake of Art This dream conversation with a novice dreamer centers on a yard umbrella and a marriage. Listen for the “aha” when the dreamer finally hears what connects her to her dream. FREE
After September 11, 2001 Feedback from listeners identified this as one of the most important shows in eleven years of Dreams, Another Way of Knowing. Kathleen shares experiences and dreams from clients following the attack on America. The work of Edgar Cayce and A.R.E. are discussed. This program could be useful after any major collective loss. FREE
What is a Dream? Quote from Dreams, a Portal to the Source written by Jungian analysists Edward C. Whitmont and Sylvia Brinton Perera. Quote from neuro-scientist Alan Hobson about the dream.  (04:52) FREE
How Dreams Can Help in a Crisis A caller and Kathleen discuss a variety of ways that our dreams guide and inform us when we are in crisis. (04:16) FREE
Steve Kingsman: Dreams and Astrology. Astrologer Steve Kingsman explains dreams and dreamers from the astrological perspective.(07:21) FREE
What We do on this Show. This is a typical introduction to the show usually presented as each show opened. (01:52) FREE
Copper, Astrology and Imagination. A caller adds to the conversation in a previous show about copper as a symbol expounding on aspects of astrology. Jung and the Spirit Mercury (Imagination) Kathleen reads from an article written by Alexandra Kennedy about Jung and the archetype of Mercury as related to war. The Brother’s Grimm: The Spirit in the Bottle as related to present day collective hysteria.  French Islamic Scholar Henry Corbin reflecting upon imagination and Islamic radicals. (07:52) FREE
Jeremy Taylor on the Collective. Kathleen reads a quote from Jeremy Taylor re. the value of dream work & imagination to the collective. (06:18) FREE
Finding the Feminine in Mexico After an introduction about the Feminine Principle and Feminine Archetype a caller shares a dream which brilliantly exemplifies the theories. (02:34) FREE
Half a Show. This segment presents half of a show offering a fuller flavor of the original radio program than specific-topic dream segments. The symbol of crystals is discussed with a caller. A James Hillman concept of when/then is suggested. Dream Levels: Kathleen discusses the concept of levels of meanings of dreams with Linda Barton, a studio guest. Several dreams are provided as examples of these levels. Linda shows how she misinterpreted 2 of her dreams because of confusion of levels. Comments are made about psychosomatic illnesses and the shadow. Composting as an alchemical symbol in dreams. Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson, a book by Dr. Joan Borysanko, is shared as relevant to composting and the shadow. Dream hangovers are alluded to. (32:32) FREE
Dream Hangovers/Dream Moods. Some dreams leave us in dark moods, which I call dream hangovers. The beginning of this show considers that such moods are created by Shadow material from the dream. I then talk about two books relating to this; The Little Book on the Human Shadow by Robert Bly and Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson, by Joan Borysenko.  Repressed energy, another way to describe shadow material, is the focus. John Bradshaw is quoted from his book, Healing the Shame that Binds You. A woman caller shares a long dream about her house being broken into. She and I play with it for 15 minutes looking at metaphors for being taken over by unconscious energies and around houses and specific rooms. FREE
Dying Quintuplets A caller is overwhelmed by a very poignant dream about infant quintuplets with her eyes. The babies are dying as they lie in a circle looking at her. An aspect of the dreamer’s relationship to her soul is discussed. Awesome piece.
Toilets and Ghosts Toilets as a symbol mixes with the ghosts that always accompany relationships.(08:27) FREE
Exploding Moon Kathleen works with a first-time caller and dreamer. This is a great teaching example for someone unable to connect to his/her material. Highly recommended for beginners. Listen for how each additional piece of information supplied by the dreamer adds to the overall dream (11:47) FREE
Escaping from the General Kathleen works with a frequent caller dealing with chronic fatigue and other physical problems. In this work, at the request of the dreamer, Kathleen uses “you” language rather than “If this were my dream…” The important symbols are a military general, yew tree, and running away. Important comments about healing and dreams are shared. (09:47) FREE
The Battle to Destroy Old Tapes Following the dream (Escaping from the General) Kathleen shares a pertinent and potent dream about destroying the old tapes that keep her/us imprisoned in teachings from the past. (02:02) FREE
Coffins. Oh Goodie! Symbols of death are common for novice dreamers. Kathleen assures the dreamer from Marriage for the Sake of Art that coffins, are, symbolically, Good Things in dreams. Listen for the dreamer’s “aha” connection. FREE
Nightmares and Healing Dream and discussion about the value some nightmares provide in helping the dreamer physically heal. FREE
Barbara Marx Hubbard DreamKathleen shares her own dream containing a character named Barbara Marx Hubbard , showing listeners how to approach understanding famous dream characters. (02:55) FREE
Heterosexual Woman Making Love to a WomanAlas, the quality of this tape is not equal to the topic, a very common one often troubling to the dreamer. The Feminine Principle is discussed in detail. The dreamer is “enlightened” and relieved by the end of the session. FREE
Hummingbird and Spirit Guide Discussion about spirit guides and the dream as guide after exploring a dream with symbols very important to the dreamer. (01:22) FREE
The Safeway Dream On the radio show Seeing Beyond, Kathleen and a dreamer explore safety/security and limitations. (01:20) FREE
Getting Over Blocks Kathleen shares two dreams, one year apart, that help her overcome the blocks to exposing herself in the scary big world as her dream career expands to an ever larger audience. FREE
Every Moment is Divine Kathleen and a caller unwind a fascinating convoluted dream about codependency. Super valuable for anyone dealing with this common psychological issue. FREE
I have to Jump Off the Cliff! A woman is chased by something and must jump to escape the danger.  Fabulous, fun and rich resolution within the dream.   Umbrella and ancient gold coins are important symbols.  Description of WISH FULFILLMENT and ego in dreams.  Kathleen discusses a recurring symbol of driving into the water of the ocean.  Next she holds a precious deer’s face in her hands.  The deer has heart freckles on its nose! (11:36) FREE
The Blind Waiter. Kathleen discusses some positive aspects of “blindness” to open up a dream of a photographer. (06:03) FREE
The Earth and the Sky are the Same. Comments on Henry Reed’s work enhance this dreamer’s questions about dreams and feelings. Discussion about ceilings as a symbol. Kathleen shares her understanding of what we can trust in a dream. Dreamer has a strong hit on the application of this dream in her life. (07:26) FREE
Shared or Mutual Dreams. Responding to a question from a dreamer concerning she and her husband sharing similar dream symbols on the same night, Kathleen talks about the work of two researchers; Linda Magallon and Henry Reed. (3:15) FREE
Resisting the Call of the American Indian Medicine Man. The dreamer consistently resists the directives of his holy man archetype. Kathleen gets very serious with the caller about the importance of these dreams and ideas on how to cooperate with the archetype. She also discusses a few of the common reasons our egos’ resist such a call. (10:03)

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