During the course of her show, Kathleen interviewed many experts in the fields of dreamwork and psychology, including the following:

These episodes are free to listen to, but donations are accepted.


An Interview with Alan Siegel

Alan Siegel, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, and author of Dreams That Can Change Your Life, talks with Kathleen about dreams that help people during major life transitions.

Segment 1 Dr. Alan Siegel: Introduction. Dreams during life transitions; patterns in dreams; how past and present are linked in dreams. (04:21) FREE
Segment 2 Dreams of expectant fathers. Symbols of celebration; feeling left out. (04:13) FREE
Segment 3 Transition dream defined. Example of common mid-life dream regarding feelings of meaninglessness. (03:52) FREE
Segment 4 Discussion about “griefmares” resulting from unused potential at mid-life. (03:25) FREE
Segment 5 Midlife career dreams that expose unrecognized emotion to dreamer. (03:02) FREE
Segment 6 Dream study after the 1991 Oakland Firestorm; how dreams can provide healing after a catastrophe. (06:06) FREE

An Interview with Bonnie Pieper

Bonnie Pieper was the host of Seeing Beyond, an extremely popular Monterey Bay radio show for nearly a decade

Segment 1 Listen to a free segment of Bonnie and Kathleen. FREE
Segment 2 Seduction dreams (02:59) FREE
Segment 3 Death dreams (05:06) FREE
Segment 4 Cautions about dream “interpretation”; a conversation about valuable and detrimental dream work processes (06:23) FREE

An Interview with Frances Vaughan

Dr. Frances Vaughan is a clinical psychologist and former president of The Association for Transpersonal Psychology. She is the author of The Inward Arc; Awakening Intuition; Shadows of the Sacred; Accept this Gift and other books which can be found on her web site.

Segment 1 Introduction to Dr. Vaughan: Chatting with Dr. Vaughan about her professional background, books and dreams. (04:09) FREE
Segment 2 The Inward Arc: Kathleen reads a short quote from The Inward Arc and asks Dr. Vaughan to describe the “spectrum of consciousness.” They discuss the dream and creativity. (04:37) FREE
Segment 3 Dreams and Creativity: Kathleen tells a wonderful story about a client who discovers, at age 63, creativity through the dream; description of the transpersonal self, the “Capitol S” Self, and the ego self; distinctions between Freudian, Jungian and Transpersonal psychology. (06:12) FREE
Segment 4 Mapping the Spiritual Path; transcending the Victim perspective; ACIM (A Course in Miracles) and overcoming suffering. (06:40) FREE
Segment 5 The dream and relieving suffering: Confronting fear in dreams; definition of Psyche; understanding dreams. (04:31) FREE
Segment 6 Dr.Vaughan talks with Kathleen about her dream titled Soul Foundation; family script; critic or attacker in the dream; role playing with dreams; active imagination with the dream; non-verbal confrontation. (08:01) FREE
Segment 7 Dealing with anger; identifying with the soul; ability to witness ourselves. (05:20) FREE
Segment 8 Chakras defined; colors in dreams and chakras. (06:12) FREE
Segment 9 Dreaming for others; similar dreams in families. (07:03) FREE

An Interview with Barry Krakow

Barry Krakow, MD is the founder of the Nightmare Treatment Center in Albuquerque New Mexico. Dr. Krakow, a board certified sleep disorders specialist, discusses chronic nightmares and other sleep dysfunctions with Kathleen.

Segment 1 (04:09) FREE
Segment 2 (04:37) FREE
Segment 3 (04:32) FREE

An Interview with Dr. Rev. Jeremy Taylor

Segment 1 Kathleen is “on her high horse” about the l999 decision of the government of Kansas replacing the teaching of Evolution Science with Creationism. Rev. Dr. Jeremy Taylor clarifies details about this and shares his ideas on why some Fundamentalist Christians believe dream work is the work of the devil. Jeremy plays with Kathleen and her dream about this issue. Funny, informative, powerful teaching about the Shadow Archetype.(34:05) FREE

An Interview with Kelly Bulkeley
Kelly is a vital force in the International Association for the Study of Dreams.  As the reviewer of all dream related material he is an amazing repository of dream data and the author of too many dream books to list!

Segment 1 From the 10th Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Dreams in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Kathleen interviews Dr. Bulkeley about his initiation into dream work and involvement in the IASD.  Great information about the IASD included. (06:03) FREE
Segment 2 Dreams and Religion: Dreams and religion discussed, including The Wilderness of Dreams, related to this topic.  Dream world as wilderness explored.  “Dreams provide a bridge between a scientific and religious world view.” (03:15) FREE
Segment 3 Dream dictionaries can be helpful or harmful.  Kathleen argues against and Kelly argues for.  (06:25) FREE
Segment 4 Great Dream Books. Discussion on the most valuable books for beginning dream students moves into James Hillman and Jung. Alas, many of the books discussed are out of print though most can be found in second hand stores on the West Coast, at least. (09:32) FREE

An Interview with Patricia Garfield

Patricia Garfield’s groundbreaking book, Creative Dreaming, was the first written by an American psychologist to introduce dream work to a receptive audience of novice dreamers. Dr. Garfield continued presenting her research and personal dream experiences in 5 more books.

Segment 1 Introduction to Dr, Garfield and her book, The Healing Power of Dreams. Warning -dreams; How does the dream warn us in ways that our awake self will finally heed? How dreams empower dreamers and display human potential. (08:36) FREE
Segment 2 Dreams as a diagnostic tool for physical healing. Using dreams with authority figures, such as doctors. . (05:34) FREE
Segment 3 Symbols and metaphors that help dreams expose physical crisis. Recurring dream symbols in healing from physical and environmental crisis. How dreams expose help and hope after trauma, accident, loss. Patricia shares many symbols that suggest physical problems and recovery. (05:36) FREE
Segment 4 Katheen and Patricia discuss the symbols and metaphors reflecting healing after illness and crisis. Beware of dreams that show death or illness because they are most often symbolic and not predictive. How these kinds of dreams are really about health and wholeness. Patricia suggests the significance of dreams containing SEVERE PHYSICAL PAIN within the dream. (08:40) FREE
Segment 5 And Pathway’s to Ecstasy. How dreams can move us to “enlightenment.” Kathleen challenges the common notion that, “People never change.” She ends with a quote about mandalas from this book. (04:27) FREE
Segment 6 Patricia discusses the significance of mandalas, the Tibetan spiritual art form. Carl Jung used this form in his inner work. (04:40) FREE
Segment 7 Patricia shares a recurring dream about a childhood house and how drawing a mandala of a place of former pain can lead to healing and wholeness. Kathleen lists all the books written by Patricia Garfield until 1996. The segment ends with comments on the potency of writing from and sharing from the heart. (07:10)


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