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DreamCoachDreams often take us to the unhealed places of our past to recognize and tend to former wounds. While rooting around in dreams of years ago, we may discover absent or inadequately accomplished developmental stages. Once identified, we need to commit to the changes necessary to move forward into full potential. This allows us to live the Whole Life that dreams are urging us to create.

After 34 years of working with dreams, Kathleen is interested in helping her clients move beyond awareness into action and designed transformation. As a trained Life Coach (Institute for Life Coach Training) Kathleen is able to work with your dream material from either a coaching or a counseling perspective. She offers a free 15-minute introductory session to further explain the process of dream coaching. This process is goal oriented and may not be appropriate for all dreamers.

For more information on what Dream Coaching is all about, read the article, “Dream Coaching, Say What?



Yikes! Major life change after our dream coaching session. Really fascinating!  After the coaching I realized I was looking at my dreams in terms of what they were telling me NOT to do. (Dreams as a daily, “Here’s how you’re blowing it, ” bulletin.) So, even though I was working dreams every day, the message I thought I was getting often left me feeling discouraged and unclear about how to actually bring about change. But shifting my perspective to ask what the dream is telling me to move TOWARD (rather than away from) and then committing to moving in that positive direction completely shifted EVERYTHING. (Really everything — all the big issues I’ve been dreaming about/struggling with for months: TIME, work, balance, the tyranny of the schedule…) A million, billion thanks.   Y. L. Author

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