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Kathleen leads ongoing dream groups in Pacific Grove, Scotts Valley,  and Santa Cruz, CA. Each group meets for two hour sessions.

  • Pacific Grove: Tuesdays 1.5-3.5 PM
  • Santa Cruz/Corralitos: Thursday 7-9 PM
  • Scotts Valley: Friday 10-12 AM

Kathleen is happy to consider creating new groups when needed.

Private Dreamwork Sessions 
As an alternative to participating in a dream group, Kathleen can work with individuals in private session, either In person or by telephone.

Contact Kathleen for more information on joining a dream group, or to schedule a private dreamwork session.

Phone: 1-831-372-8534

e-mail: kathleenradio@gmail.com



I‘ve had the incredible privilege of working my dreams with Kathleen for nearly four years. Her extensive and immediate grasp of Jungian psychology, coupled with her deeply intuitive nature gives her a nearly magical ability to enter into the dreamland with the dreamer to bring forth into the awake world the golden treasures contained within.  She brings a lighthearted, passionate and utterly delightful energy to dreamwork.  Her methodology is clear, easy to use and highly intuitive–her books are insightful and easy to understand. Even though I’d been working my dreams on my own for nearly thirty years now, my time spend with Kathleen resulted in a quantum leap in my own personal development.  Her perceptive and insightful guidance enabled me to more deeply understand what messages and gifts my dream symbols contain and I am now much better equipped to respond to what life brings me. G.T. Pacific Grove, CA

I started studying with Kathleen Sullivan over three years ago.  The process that she uses  and the depth of her knowledge is extremely powerful.  Kathleen’s work allows one to explore their past, present and future through a new lens; the sleep world.  Through this lens she has helped me to appreciate the metaphor, the symbol and the richness of the dream.  Kathleen Hendricks, Broker Associate, Carmel, CA

I have participated in a dream group with Kathleen Sullivan for about four years, and I  have found this experience invaluable.  Kathleen maintains a healthy detachment from each dreamer and at the same time demonstrates a deep commitment to follow the lead  of each dreamer’s images wherever they may lead.  One special asset that enhances Kathleen’s work is her sometimes astonishing recall of past dreams by a particular dreamer–which the dreamer may have long forgotten–when the same images appear again in a new dream. Helen A. Oxley, MFT  Santa Cruz, CA


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