Brenda’s KS Dream

Have you ever had a precognitive dream of meeting someone, who would change your life forever? This happened to me and I would like to share the story:

One night I dreamt of meeting a woman at a hotel. I couldn’t remember her name, and the “dream Bellhop” helped me remember, “Kathy Sullivan”, he said as he led me into her suite.

When I awoke from my dream, I was confused and so asked my husband, “Do we know anyone named Kathy Sullivan?”, and neither of us could recollect such a person. I felt compelled to write the dream down in one of my notebooks.

Two years later while shopping at a metaphysical book shop, a book literally fell off the shelf in front of me. Hmmmm…. “Recurring Dreams”, it was called. I was very interested in the topic because I had been dreaming of flying and being pulled down regularly, and the dreams were quite disturbing. I didn’t know much about the theories behind dreaming, and felt my dreams were trying to tell me something important. So, I bought the book and read it in about two hours. I literally devoured it!

I was amazed at how this woman was able to track her recurring dream symbols, like a detective, and unlock their meanings. Her dreams transformed her life, which had been plagued, by many psychosomatic problems.

I gathered up all my dreams, written helter-skelter in various notebooks, determined to get organized! I began typing my dreams on my computer. Soon, I came to the dream of meeting an important woman, “Kathy Sullivan” – I thought “Haven’t I just seen this name?” – Checked the back of my book and sure enough it appeared – “Recurring Dreams, by Kathleen Sullivan”! I did a web search for KAZU radio, where she was (then currently) the host of a popular program, “Dreams Another Way of Knowing”. I wrote her radio station about my dream of her, and there after we became friends.

She introduced me to so many dream professionals who would eventually become my new family – my “Dream Tribe”, and an exciting adventure would begin to transform my burgeoning artistic life! Kathleen’s dream of surrendering to the White Buffalo, became the first painting in my “Amazing Women’s Dreams” project.

This AMAZING WOMAN continues to inspire me! — Since this experience of meeting her on the astral plane — I’ve never been a doubter of the importance of dreams again.

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The content of Kathleen’s White Buffalo Dream and how it impacted her life can be found on the page titled:

 Life Changing Dreams


Reaching for Relaxing Wholeness 

Thanks to Kathleen, I am realizing that my dream snippets are flashes of my soul, opening in simple scenes which when amplified as metaphors, are then held in a web of my own wonderment.  They glisten like dew drops embellishing the web of life with new vistas, renewed purpose, energy, and even release.  My body reacts with a shudder of knowing, my roots search out more unconscious terrain, my limbs reach for the fruits of relaxing wholeness.

Kathleen runs a buoyant ship, escorting us into new territories of the dream made conscious, as we find treasures of the deep. We are finding comfort in the skin of our dreams.  Relaxing into our shadowy resistances.  Fanning the sparks to ignite our creative energies.  Coaxing our unconscious eccentricities and fuzzy edges into sharper focus.

She gently coaxes, cajoles, and lays down the laws with caring humor and serious, soulful insight.  Dreams come in disguises, uncanny and ephemeral, and Kathleen unwraps these gifts with humor, astounding wisdom, and clever courage.  This builds a foundation to settle the soul and free the spirit.

I am wondering if dream work could be a surer route to healing than a lot of therapy.

Kyla Cyr

 Life Changing

The first time I attended a dream session with Kathleen I did so with skepticism expecting a simplistic explanation to the symbols in my dreams.  I left the session claiming the hours of dream sleep as an integral, learning experience of my journey.   Kathleen’s training, intuitiveness, and her years of commitment to the dream led me to a world of guidance, enlightenment and confirmed for me the importance of understanding and working with the dream.  I do not overstate when I say her work is life changing.     

Lee Marchitelli

California Dreaming  

Oh, so long ago…in the early 1980’s, I awoke feeling a strong creative urge to write. Not feeling overly confident in my writing ability however, I whined about it a bit to a few dear friends. A good friend suggested I write my dreams and join a group in Pacific Grove with Kathleen Sullivan to discuss them. I had always been a prolific dreamer. The idea fascinated me and I knew I would have plenty of material to write, although I was unsure about the discussion part. Eight years later, I was still discussing with an ever-morphing group of “dreamers” and our gentle, loving guide, Kathleen. Over the years, Kathleen cleverly prodded us to look within to fully decipher the messages of our beautifully concocted mind stories. As I look back on those years now, I so appreciate the introspective understanding I gained, Kathleen’s focused listening and ability to make me laugh at myself and, of course, the volumes of books I wrote in my own hand, now sitting like special treasures on my bookshelf.

Lisa B

Changing Experiences

I’ve dream work with Kathleen Sullivan for over twenty-five years. The opportunity to work with Kathleen on my dream life has been one of my most significant life changing experiences. Having understood that psychological and spiritual development were the keys for me to integrate the undeveloped aspects of my psyche, I welcomed the chance to join Kathleen’s dream groups.  I also had many private sessions with her as well.

Kathleen has the gift of using both her highly developed intuition along with her very sharp intellect. Her humor, compassion, logic, vision and insight help her clients see into the metaphors of the dream.  By applying the symbols to the context of the dream’s message, I have been able to own shadow parts of my psyche and gain profound learning that the dream is pointing out. I am truly grateful for my quarter century walk on the dream path with Kathleen.

Hannah Dalbey

Need for the Masculine

Dreamwork.  Wow.  Personally, I needed to develop a strong masculine part of myself to become courageous and competent in the world. Many of my dreams pointed out recurring symbols of unknown powerful men and wild animals.  Kathleen’s brilliance guided me to develop this dormant aspect.  My gratitude for her patience, kindness, incisive direction and willingness to speak the truth has brought me to a place of greater wholeness in the awake world and peace in my life.  Her encouragement to embrace my shadow, face my fears, and continue to write and understand my dreams has been invaluable.

I have watched Kathleen transform as well over the many years of working with her.  She has softened in her approach without sacrificing her honesty.  She is always willing to use her own challenges, pitfalls, and shadow material to exemplify the importance of transformation.  Like the other members of our dream group Kathleen has experienced major transformation during the nearly 2 decades I have worked with her.

Anne Stein

Amazing Inner World

When one does dream work, not only do we mature in our understanding of our lives, but amazing to me, our dreams “mature”–i.e. the images, the level of depth in our psyches continues to grow! A world I had never before accessed is now available to me. No matter what skeptics believe, for me it has been fascinating, healing, and fun! I thank K. Sullivan for more than a decade of invaluable aid in penetrating this world.

R. Giroux 2015

Poor Engineer

Poor me!  When I jumped into one of Kathleen’s dream groups I was the only engineer (clear thinking person) amidst artists and long time dream nuts. Metaphoric thinking?  Are you crazy?  The first 3 meetings I couldn’t wait to get to a bar and have a good shot of whisky.  But on the 4th session the lightbulb went on over my head and I got it!  Now, years after leaving the group I usually write one dream a week in my journal and use my Crazy Brain to understand it.  And I have learned to follow the guidance of the dream, occasionally having a tune up session with Kathleen.  She’s nuts but awesome.

Gary Stone

A Guide and a Teacher

Several years ago, a fire hose sprung loose in my subconscious and began blasting me with a nightly torrent of sprawling, epic dreams. There was nothing fluffy, hazy, or subtle about them. Most of my dreams were clear and vivid with a long cast of characters, plot twists, and heart-pounding endings. Many of them were recurring dreams — countless road trips back to my college days, repetitive attempts to break into my childhood home, and endless encounters with gun-toting terrorists. I diligently wrote down each of my dreams and then clumsily tried to interpret them using a stack of dream dictionaries. But I was soon overwhelmed — I knew there was no way I could work through more than 300 dreams!

Fortunately, one day I picked up a book called “Recurring Dreams — A Journey to Wholeness.” My eyes widened as I learned that recurring dreams are intended to prod us into paying attention to our internal growth process (the “individuation process,” as Carl Jung called it). Based on my voluminous collection of recurring dreams, I quickly realized that a thorough accounting of my internal growth process was long overdue. I also knew I needed the help of a dream expert – somebody like Kathleen Sullivan, the author of the book I cradled in my hands. When I turned to the back cover, I discovered that Kathleen lived nearby in Pacific Grove, CA — about a one-hour drive from where I lived (Jung referred to coincidences like these as “synchronicities”). I soon found Kathleen’s website and email address, and sent her a note that read like an SOS signal. A week later, we sat down for our first meeting in the living room of her house in Pacific Grove.

Kathleen didn’t flinch when I plopped my first set of dreams onto her coffee table (although I might have startled her cats). She patiently and enthusiastically guided me step-by-step through a process she had refined through many years of dream work with her clients. First, we broke down each dream into distinct parts. Then, within each section of the dream, we noted the various symbols and metaphors and associated them with aspects of my conscious life. Eventually, we identified the common themes and threads that held the dream together as a whole. It wasn’t easy work. I had to face parts of myself that I would have rather not known existed. But Kathleen somehow made the process fun and intriguing — sort of like detective work or piecing together a sacred jigsaw puzzle. Week after week, month after month, we worked through my stockpile of dreams. Eventually, Kathleen spotted certain issues that required more counseling than dream work, and our sessions evolved accordingly. I can say with certainty that Kathleen is much more than an accomplished dream coach, counselor, author, speaker, and workshop leader. At heart, she is a teacher — a teacher of the human spirit who taught me how to swim, and not sink, in the swirling sea of dreams.

Steve S.

Valuable Dream Threads

I had written my dreams for about 20 years before I ever met Kathleen, but I had never done anything with them. All those years, somehow I “knew” they were important — without knowing how or why — but that unconscious knowing compelled me to keep recording them. In 2008 I heard Kathleen speak about her dream work and I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her.

By carefully looking together at the language and symbols of my dreams, Kathleen has helped me identify threads running through my dreams — threads that have caused pain, where I need to pay attention and to change.

Even as I have learned to better identify significant pieces of my own dreams, Kathleen has a unique gift for tying the pieces together to create a cohesive whole. As a result, even the dreams that seem simple and rather boring, actually create a deep, rich story from which I can learn and grow. It is an exciting and amazing exploration, but it can also be challenging, frustrating, messy work. But for me, who wants to have the fullest experience possible while in this human form, it has been an experience of opening — of the eyes, the mind, the heart, the spirit. Thank you, Kathleen!

Cathleen Cohen

Living Dream Images

I have been working/playing with Kathleen for at least 20 years in dream groups she leads.  I keep coming back because I love the way she is able to open up the dream images and make them come alive. Giving guidance and growing into wholeness from our inner self the first priority of the dream. I highly recommend this wonderful, intuitive  teacher of the dream.

Anne Carr

Health and Wholeness

I have been participating in a group with Kathleen Sullivan to do dreamwork once or twice a month for about fifteen years.  Kathleen practices what she teaches and works diligently to understand the wisdom that her own dreams bring to guide her own life.  In accordance with the principles of Jeremy Taylor, she teaches that our dreams always come to us in the service of health and wholeness and that they come to teach us what we do not already know. When a dreamer’s wisdom surfaces and is understood, Kathleen cheers enthusiastically, as do others in the group as well.  Sometimes the discussion becomes hilarious.

Kathleen reflects thoughtfully and intuitively about each dreamer’s path, and she has an extraordinary memory for past dreamwork, sometimes recalling dreams from earlier years which the dreamers themselves have nearly forgotten.

Helen Oxley

*Note from Kathleen

I believe Montague Ullman, a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and parapsychologist, was the original person to define dreams as a vehicle for bringing healing and wholeness.

Dream Couple

My wife and I are so pleased that we have entered dream work with Kathleen Sullivan.  Her leadership style is strong, yet flexible.  At no time do you feel that she is telling you what a given dream means.  Instead, you are presented with suggestions and questions to consider that guide you to moments of self-discovery that you know are genuinely yours. In a group setting she welcomes input from other members of the group who may have beneficial insights into a given dream, all the while maintaining a supportive atmosphere.  As a result we look forward to sharing our dreams of choice with the group.  Kathleen works with us in such a way that each person in the group at a given meeting gets equal attention for consideration of their dream.  It is clear that she values each and every dream for its potential to provide insight to the dreamer that can change the dreamer’s life.  Kathleen Sullivan’s extensive experience in dream work and her sensitivity in dealing with each person one-on-one are things that we all value and cherish.

Ray Cyr

Dream Recipe

Kathleen Sullivan listens to your dream and starts cooking it with your help; she then let’s you marinate in it; and eventually you, the dreamer, will boil it down to a couple of meaningful sentences….AHA! …The way Kathleen teaches you how to understand the dream’s symbolic language is most effective and touching. – Boy, did I learn from her in my 2 years training to  become a KS dream worker. A Jungian psychologist myself, therefore somewhat familiar with dream work, she expanded my understanding and knowledge enormously. A million thanks to you, my Dear! And many thanks to my husband who was listening to KAZU (was that 15 or more years ago?) – he thought this lady with that weird dream show might be of interest for me….Yes she was! Thanks again, Kathleen, learning from you was priceless.

Katia Loeliger 

 Awake and Sleeping Selves

Over the last year, Kathleen has put my awake self in contact with my dream self, and is teaching me to decode the rich upwelling of my nightly unconscious


Beyond Myself 

I am Always Amazed with my dreamwork in one of Kathleen’s groups.  It goes so deep and takes me to a place beyond myself into an new place of power and hope.


Sacred Dance

Kathleen Sullivan is my hero.  She dances in Sacred Space.












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