The new technology called Webinar refers to ways to have conference calls with many people through the use of our computers.  After signing up and logging in, participants are able to see documents on their computer screens while learning about them orally.  Additionally, the facilitator is able to talk with participants in real time, anyone on line can talk with anyone else and small groups can be formed allowing dreamers to chat together easily.  Finally, with the program I use, Maestro Conference, we can see each other if we choose to use our computer web-cameras.

And, for folks who do not want to participate in the options offered by computer, a simple phone call can be used to hear the class, with or without your verbal participation.  When someone wants to speak so all in the class can hear, one phone button or computer key is pushed.  I will know who wants to talk and will call on them to do so.  This feature is called Raising Your Hand.  From my control board I simply “open the microphone” and away we go.

These many choices create an environment even more effective than the radio show I hosted for twelve years on local public radio.  People from around the world can participate at the same time.  What a thrill to learn how someone in Japan works with dreams and how different or similar it may be to another living in Germany!  This is a dream call in show on steroids.  And I’m very excited to be able to offer this to anyone interested in the powerful dream-ways I have learned from thousands of clients during the past 35 years of my professional dream facilitating.  Pure joy.

Yes, the technology has glitches from time to time.  There is a learning curve for most people in signing up and “tuning” into the sessions.  Though perhaps frustrating in the beginning, the rewards are enormous.

Following are classes I will begin leading in May of 2014.  As soon as they are available, details will appear on this web site. If you are interested in classes at a certain time please contact me.

Phone: 1-831-372-8534

e-meail: kathleenradio@gmail.com

Series 1
Types of Universal Dreams #1


  • Session 1: Dreams? Why Bother?
  • Session 2: Remembering and Recording Dreams
  • Session 3: Levels of Dreams: Literal, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Transpersonal
  • Session 4: Universal Themes; overflowing toilets; tidal waves; final exam; stolen purse/wallet; can’t get over the hill; naked in public and many more.
  • Session 5: Dreams and Healing
  • Session 6: Warning Dreams
  • Session 7: Joyful Dreams
  • Session 8: Nightmares and Griefmares
  • Session 9: High School and College Themes
  • Session 10: Former Lover/Spouse Dreams

Series 2
Types of Universal Dreams #2

  • Session 1: Recurring Dreams
  • Session 2: Precognitive Dreams
  • Session 3: Dreams and Creativity
  • Session 4: Celebrity Dreams
  • Session 5: Archetypal Dreams
  • Session 6: Death Dreams
  • Session 7: Baby Dreams
  • Session 8: Earth Geography as Symbols (Why am I always in PARIS?)
  • Session 9: Clothing Dreams
  • Session 10: Dream colors and Chakras

Series 3
Interpretation Skills

  • Session 1: Language of Dreams: Symbol and Metaphor
  • Session 2: “Me” in the dream
  • Session 3: “Others” in the dream
  • Session 4: Confusion with Material/Literal World
  • Session 4: “When…Then in Dreams
  • Session 5: Recording Dreams; Writing for Interpretation
  • Session 6: Techniques to bring dreams to awake life
  • Session 6 through Session 10: Dream Lab. During these 4 hours we will focus on the above skills as we help dreamers displayed on our computers.

Series 4
Recurring Dreams

  • Session 1: Types of recurring dreams
  • Session 2: Importance of recurring dreams in recognizing personal growth and spiritual development
  • Session 3: Recognizing recurring symbol
  • Session 4: Pulling recurring symbol dreams together into series
  • Session 5: Comparison of recurring symbol from dream to dream
  • Session 6 through Session 10: Recurring Dream Lab. During these four hours we will help each other weave together the sometimes daunting aspects of recurring dreams.


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